Accessories like NFC and barcode readers create more possibilieties for application development.

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Product no.: 9010300

New (2021) 2D Barcode Reader for ProDVX  X- and IPPC series tablets.

Product no.: 9010100

The ProDVX NFC Module is available for Android 8 and Intel devices, to take full advantage of your professional tablet. Control all access by swinging the card in front of the NFC Reader and access will be granted/denied

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Product no.: 9010150

Introducing the new Pogo Pin LED Bar, the perfect accessory to complement ProDVX existing range of Panel PCs. This innovative device allows you to effectively signal meeting room availability or payment status in a sleek and stylish way.

Product no.: 88001250.180
PoGo Camera Module, for  ProDVX Pogo pins
Product no.: 9010500

Power Supply for ProDVX 10SLB/10X(P)(L). Can also be used together with 7XPL, 7XPLN, 12XP, 13XP and 15XP.

Product no.: 9010450

This cover plate protects the i/o ports and fits to ProDVX SLB- and X -series 10,1" tablets.

Product no.: 99000Ins

Open frame backet for ProDVX 10X  series tablets.

Product no.: 8080950

Suitable for SLB- and 10.1” X-series

Product no.: 82778322.050

White Bezel Screen Cover for 10” ProDVX display. Compatible with White Casing.

Suitable for 10,1” Android/Intel displays.

Product no.: 67908000.433

Streak- free cleaner for TFT/LCD/LED screens.