Digital Signage Screen Covers and Stands

Digital Signage Screen Covers and  Stands

Digital Signage Screen Covers are high quality products made in EU for professional use in public locations. They are avaliable in different sizes and models all fulfilling EU safety regulations. All stands are sold without screens and media players but most of  them are also available with screens.  Project and reseller prices are available on request.


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Product no.: DITWALL43ESF

This new Smart Line Screen cover  for 43" screens  has a frameless construction which makes it excellent  for shop windows and wall mounting. Price does not include screen but this product is also available with Samsung screen .Available in black and white.

Product no.: DIAT43ESF

New frameless design with durable steel construction for Digital A-board for 43"  screen.

Available also with Samsung 43" screen  preinstalled.

Product no.: DSIBDAEC43F

Standard screen cover for digital  A-Board. Suits for common 32 and  43 inch screens. Slim steel frame with ventilation holes. Standard colors are black and white, other colors available on request. Made for use inside.

Product no.: DSIBSUS43F

Slim steel screen cover for 43 inch screen. It s made for hanging from the ceiling at shop windows, pasages and large halls.   Installation to vertical position. Available with or without the screen.

Product no.: DSIBDA43F

Digital A-Board screen cover for 43 inch screens. Heavy duty aluminum frame can be security locked and it has built-in wheels to make moving of the display easy.  Power supply cord and electric socekts ready for use inside.

Product no.: DSIBWALL

Screen cover box for 32-49 inch screens for restaurants, hotels and other public and commercial environment. Equipped with security lock and front glass  made of tempered safety glass to protect the screen. Can be mounted both in vertical and horizontal position.

Product no.: DSIBSHOP46F

Shop Window Panel  for 46" screen with aluminum pole to be fitted to floor and/or to ceiling, max height 4000 mm. Screen can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Suits also for the high-brightness screens made for shop windows.

Product no.: DSIBSHOP46HORBF

Shop Window Panel  for 46" screen including aluminum profile pole with a heavy duty metal base.

Product no.: DISHOP43F

Unique combimation of digital and printed graphic presentation. Double sided- fabrics on both sides of the construction. Screen not included, graphic to be ordered separately.

Product no.: DITTOTEM43ESF

Elegant frameless  construction with stunning visual impact. This Smart Line Digital Totem has a heavy metal pedestal ensuring good stability. Available  for 32 and 43 inch screens in white and black, other colors on request.

This product is also available with Samsung screen installed.

Product no.: DIRTOTEM43ESF

State of the art design with round corners. This indoor totem is available in sizes 43", 49" and 55".

Can also be delivered with Samsung screen installed.

Product no.: DSIBTOTEM43F

Extrelemy hard eloxated aluminum frame with toughened glass and security locks. Standard screen sizes from 43 inches up to 82 inch.

Product no.: DSIBSTOTEM43F

This slim totem version is only 72 mm thick and it is made of extremely hard eloxated aluminum profile. With 2 security lockas and toughened glass it is a perfect choice to public locations. Availlable in sizes 43-49 inch and can also be  supplied with a LED backlit poster instead of the screen.

Product no.: DSIBDTOTEM43F

Double sided totem cover for 43 - 82 inch screens. Both sides are equipped with tempered safety glass to protect the screens  from vandalism.   Heady duty pedestal base ensures good stability. It can also be mounted to floor with screws.