Tablet Accessories

Tablet accessories

Accessories like NFC and barcode readers create more possibilieties for application development.

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Product no.: 88001000.175

1D Barcode Reader for ProDVX  DS(Q/K) series tablets.

Product no.: 88005000.150

2D Barcode Reader for ProDVX  DS(Q/K) series tablets.

Product no.: 88001000.150

NFC Reader for ProDVX DS(Q) tablets.

Can be used together with the barcode reader.

Product no.: 99990000.375

Button Box for F250-I Media Player comes with 6 wired buttons. Expandable to a maximum of 12 buttons. No seperate power supply needed. Dimensions 117*75*15mm.

Product no.: B315S-22

Fast 4G router which is suitable for both home and corporate use. This router can start itself after power failure which makes it suitable for installations which have to be working automatic  without human interference.